How To Activate The License Of My Extension?

For all premium extensions, you must activate their licenses in order to get updates and support. If you bought the Core Extensions Bundle, it is even easier, you just need to add your bundle license key to activate all premium extensions. Do not worry, it's very easy, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Download Your Extension

Go to your account on, click the big blue Download button and download all the extensions you want on your site. Upload the extension(s) you want to use on your WordPress site as here

Important: Ocean Extra must be installed and enabled on your site otherwise the extensions do not will operate.

Step 2: Activate The License Of Your Extension(s) or The Core Extensions Bundle

After activating the premiuml extensions on your site, the Extensions link under Theme Panel will be replaced by a Licenses link, click on it and enter the license of your extension (your license is in the License Keys link at the top of this page).

Tip: You can also activate your licenses by clicking here, then click on the Manage Sites link and add your site URL