How To Activate The License Of My Extension?

If you have purchased your license via our new platform or your license was migrated to our new platform (Freemisus), please see the following doc on How to activate Ocean Pro Extensions.

For all premium extensions, you must activate each extension with your license key in order to get updates and support.

Step 1: Download Your Extension

Go to your account on, click My Downloads > Downloads and download all the extensions you want to install on your site. Upload the extension(s) you want to use on your WordPress site as here.

Important: Ocean Extra must be installed and enabled on your site otherwise the extensions will not operate.

Step 2: Activate The License Of Your Extension(s) or The Core Extensions Bundle

After activating the premium extensions on your site, a notice will appear: " Complete Ocean-Extension-Name Activation Now".

Click the link and enter your Core Extensions Bundle License Key.

You only need to use one key for all your pro extensions.

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