How to Add an SVG Logo

If you would like to add an SVG logo to your header, follow these simple steps:

Enable SVG Support via your WP Dashboard, OceanWP > OceanWP Panel > Integration (if you're running OceanWP 3.2.2 version or older: Install the SVG Support plugin) to support this format, because by default, WordPress does not support SVG images.
Go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Logo and upload your logo, once uploaded skip the cropping option and Save Changes.
If your logo is too large for the header, use the Max Width option to resize to the desired size.

And finally, you need to add some CSS either in the style.css file of your child theme or in the Custom CSS/JS section of the customizer:

#site-logo #site-logo-inner a img {
    height: 40px;

Replace "40px" with the height of your logo.

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