How to Create Modal

You can create modal very easily to display what you want with the free Ocean Modal Window extension.

To do this, follow this simple steps:

1. Create your modal

Go to Modal > Add New, add a title for your modal and configure the options like the screenshot below:

Note: All modals are automatically added to the wp_footer..

2. Place your link to open your modal

You can see a Modal Link metabox when creating your modal. This is the ID and class of the link to open your modal. You can place the link provided in Full Link where you like or if you want to place your link in a menu, here are the steps to do:

Go to Appearance > Menus and create a new menu item in Custom Links.
Enter your modal ID in URL, eg "#omw-1232".
Add the omw-open-modal class.

That's all, enjoy this extension!

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