eCommerce Features in Depth

Deep and easy to use WooCommerce support

  • Make your shop truly unique by styling it any way you want.
  • Simply make all adjustments directly from WP Customizer.
  • Prevent the need for several WooCommerce plugins.

Things you can do without compromising speed or design

  • Use Advanced Styling to change just about any aspect of your shop in minutes. See screenshot
  • Product pages and archives are visually upgraded by default. Adjust this fresh look to your liking.
  • Choose how to display your products. Grid View, Listed, with or without Sidebar, Number of Products per Page, Excerpt length, etc..
  • Easily change the number of Up-Sells, Related Products and how you want them displayed. See screenshot
  • Add Cart to Menu, have it show basket count and content and relevant buttons.
  • Display a star rating, styled any way you like.
  • Customers will like "Add to cart" buttons that change into "View Cart" without reloading the page. Added Products will also show up in your Menu, also without the need for a Page Refresh.
  • MegaMenus: Display many product and categories. Listed or with live preview including product image, description and link to product.
  • MegaMenus: Add any Widget to your Menus, even contact forms and filterable product overviews.
  • MegaMenus: Add any Elementor (Woo or otherwise) Library Item to your menu's.
  • MegaMenus can display 1 to 6 Widgets of choice.
  • Have an attractive "Shop" or any other button in your menu's without using code or yet another plugin.
  • Display an extra Side Bar on click to show you latest Products, Special Menus, Widgets or Elementor Library Items.
  • Display your customers name in the Top Bar. Make your site more personal by displaying "Welcome back Nicolas" for example.
  • Easily add Social Sharing to all single Product Pages.
  • Use Modals to show Product Videos, forms, Newsletters registration and just about any other site element you can think of.
  • Use out built-in Widgets to further enhance you Shop. Show your Products in actions by displaying you Instagram or Flicker Feed, add styled Contact Info, Facebook Like Box, Recents Posts, Video's, Social Icons, MailChimp Forms, etc.. See screenshot
  • Choose the order in which you want to display Woo Elements on a Single Page by using the Sortable Control to re-order the products summary elements like title, rating, price, description, add to cart button and meta.
  • Have Product Images change on Mouse Over so customers can see the front and back of a product (for example).
  • Use a Sticky Footer that unfolds on Click to show Payment Methods, Safe Purchase Info, Copyright, General Conditions, or anything else you want, without taking focus from you Products.
  • And many more. See our demo's to get an idea of the power you have at your fingertips.

Please note that some of these features require OceanWP Extensions and/or Elementor Page Builder.

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