How Making OceanWP Multilingual with Weglot Translate?

This is a 2-step guide to make your OceanWP website multilingual with Weglot.

First, you’ll need to add Weglot to your WordPress admin and then you will be able to manage your translations from your Weglot account.


  • Install and activate Weglot translate plugin from your WordPress admin:
    • Clicking on plugin, then add new
    • Look for Weglot, click on install and activate

  • Create a Weglot account with your email to get your API key
  • Fill the 3 required info:
    • Your API key
    • The original language of your website and
    • The translated language you want

And that’s all, just click on save.


All your content is detected by Weglot (menu, themes, plugins, pages, posts, etc.) which provides a first layer of automatic translations. You can then edit and manage translations in your Weglot account, using 2 great tools:

  • The visual editor: it lets you edit translations while seeing your page
  • The translations list: with smart filters and a search to quickly find your translations

Additional features include translations rules (like a glossary), as well as more control over translations using the private mode or switching off the display of automatic translations.

Learn more about the Weglot WordPress plugin.

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