[oceanwp_icon] Shortcode

This shortcode allows you to display an OceanWP SVG Icon (and only OceanWP SVG icons) anywhere on your website.

Find the list of available OceanWP SVG Icons and their class names here.




If you would like to display the 'author' icon, you need the use the shortcode as following:

[oceanwp_icon icon="author"]

Available parameters list:

  • title: Assign a custom title to the icon.
  • description: Assign a description to your icon;
  • area_hidden: Default value is set to true. This means that your icon is hidden from screen readers and other assistive technologies. To override this, you can use the value false.
  • fallback: Assign an icon to display instead of your icon of choice.
[oceanwp_icon icon="author" title="custom-title" desc="your-desc" area_hidden=true fallback="account"]

Example: If you would like to display an 'author' icon that is visible to screen readers and use the 'account' icon as the replacement icon, use the shortcode as following:

[oceanwp_icon icon="author" area_hidden="false" fallback="account"]
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