OceanWP Templates Image Disclaimer

OceanWP LLC aims to respect the copyright and licensing terms of all third-parties.

OceanWP LLC does not own images contained in website demo templates. When you purchase the OceanWP Pro Bundle or Ocean eCommerce Pro license or any of our software, you are not purchasing the images.

Royalty-Free Images & Icons

Following our cooperation with Freepik and Flaticon, we're in the process of redesigning full website templates and including 100% royalty-free images. You can use these images on your websites with no attribution or image copyright hassle, because we are covering your rights.

Full Website Templates

Until we've converted absolutely all website templates, you can choose from the Freepik Images Included full website templates category. In this way, you will ensure to receive the website demo template as is.

Elementor Page & Section Templates Libraries

If you have purchased any of our premium plans, OceanWP Pro Bundle or Ocean eCommerce Pro, you have gained access to Elementor page & section templates libraries.

These libraries are using 100% royalty-free images and icons.

Old Website Demo Templates & Images

Old OceanWP website demo templates may contain royalty stock and copyright-protected images.

Images contained in such OceanWP website demo templates have been used with no copyright infringement intended.

We perfectly understand that one of the reasons you opted in for a specific website demo template were the images.

Even if an image is downloaded from free stock resources, it may contain specific copyright and licensing terms. Over the recent years, many of such free stock image resources websites have changed their terms or have even disappeared.

With that in mind, we are not allowed to "pass" the license and/or terms of royalty down to you - the end user. In that case, upon specific website demo template import you will not receive the actual images, but placeholder images instead.

What are placeholder images?

Placeholder images serve as a replacement for the actual image.

These images in the design itself can still be edited, replaced or removed just like an actual image. This means that nothing changes in terms of design or editing.

The example above shows how placeholder images look after the website demo import process.

What does this mean for you?

You can still use any website image resource you want, and replace the placeholder images per need. This also goes for all free website image resources.

How to tell if images you like are safe to be used on your website

In order to learn more about image copyright, understand the licensing and terms of use for free stock resources, how to protect yourself, as well as to understand our position, we encourage you to read the following article about free and royalty stock images.

Found a problem? Reach us so we can fix it. Email us at support [AT] oceanwp [DOT] org, with the subject "Image Copyright".

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