Host Google Fonts Locally

With the OceanWP theme, you can host all Google fonts (that exist within the available list of over 150 Google fonts) locally on your website with a single click.

In order to user this feature, you need to have the OceanWP theme and free Ocean Extra plugin installed and active.

This feature is extremely useful when it comes to GDPR rules, but it will also assure that the font loading time depends on your website instead of loading from Google.

When enabled, this feature will:

  • download all Google fonts you have already selected within the Typography section to your website, and
  • likewise, all future fonts you select within the Customizer will be downloaded to your website and hosted locally.
  • influence OceanWP theme typography, Ocean plugins typography and all other plugins which rely on the theme typography.

Host OceanWP Google Fonts Locally

1. Launch the Customizer, via Appearance > Customize.

2. Navigate to Typography > General.

3. Check the box for the "Google fonts from site" option.

4. Publish changes.

Likewise, you can always disable this feature and everything will go back to normal.

That's it!

Happy website building

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