Freepik and Flaticon Image and Icon Import

If you're the owner of the OceanWP Pro Bundle Business or Agency license plan, then you have the option to import images from Freepik or icons from Flaticon to your WordPress website running OceanWP WordPress theme.

Images and icon import is a special bonus provided by OceanWP to specific pro plan license owners detailed above. In English, you are not paying for this service, it's a gift from OceanWP to you :)

Specifically, we at OceanWP are covering your rights not only to import the image but to also use them royalty-free along with your OceanWP website, without attributions or any other legal hassle.

What features exactly we are able to provide you with depend entirely on the capabilities of the Freepik and Flaticon APIs. This functionality and capabilities do not depend on OceanWP and we can only use available features. Both Freepik and Flaticon reserve their respective rights to change these functionalities and capabilities.

As of Ocean Pro Demos 1.4.3 version, you will also be able to use the Sticker import option :) Likewise, screenshots used in this article are from the Ocean Pro Demos 1.4.3 version.

In this article we'll show you how to:

Activate Images and Icons Import

In order to use the images and icons import feature, you need to have:

  1. An active OceanWP Pro Bundle license with the Business or Agency plan, and
  2. Ocean Pro Demos premium plugin installed and active on your WordPress website.

For convenience, see this doc on how to activate Ocean Pro Extensions on your WordPress website.

Enable Image and Icon Import

When the Ocean Pro Demos premium plugin is enabled and you have the adequate license plan, you can navigate to the Ocean Images & Icons panel in 2 ways:

  1. In your WP dashboard, under OceanWP click the Ocean Images submenu item; or
  2. Open the OceanWP Panel, and navigate to Ocean Images.

Now you can enable the Ocean Images Module.

Enable Ocean Images Module

In order to enable either Freepik, Flaticon or both services, first you need to Enable Ocean Images Module by selecting "Enable" from the dropdown menu.

Next you will see the option to set up the Server. We recommend that you use the "Main" server options enabled, and use the "Alternative" feature only for troubleshooting purposes. Example, images are not being imported or you are unable to preview any images or icons.

Further, additional options for both Freepik and Flaticon will appear which you can then set up individually per your need.

Enable Flaticon

If you wish to use the Flaticon icons import feature, as well as the recent stickers import feature, you need to enable the Flaticon service by choosing "Enable" from the dropdown menu.

Next, you need to select the desired dimensions for your Flaticon files.

Previously, by using Ocean Pro Demos version 1.4.2 and below, all Flaticon files were automatically 512px, in both height and width.

Enable Freepik

If you want to use the Freepik images import feature, you need to enable the Freepik feature by choosing "Enable" from the dropdown menu.

Next, you will need to select the Freepik Image Width. We recommend sticking with the Normal option, though even these images may require additional compression in terms of size in KB (MB).

Save Changes for Ocean Images & Icons

When you're satisfied with all the settings for the Ocean Images & Icons feature, click the Save Changes button.

Next, refresh your WordPress dashboard page (browser).

Now you're ready to start importing images, icons or both.

Browse Images and Icons

To import images or icons, depending on your settings to the Ocean Images tab in the OceanWP Panel, and add them to your Media Library, navigate to the Browse Ocean Images option under the Media item in your WordPress dashboard.

If you're not seeing the Browse Ocean Images option even though all settings have been saved, remember to refresh your WodPress dashboard (browser).

Choose Between Freepik or Flaticon

Depending on your settings, and if both features are enabled, you will be able to choose between both services. You can search and import only for one service at a time.

To switch between the Freepik or Flaticon option, choose the correct option from the filter.

Browse Flaticon Icons or Stickers

When the Flaticon feature is enabled and selected, you can browse between icon and sticker files by selecting the correct option using the filter.

The Flaticon All option will display icons.

The Flaticon Stickers option will display specifically stickers.

Browse Freepik

To browse Freepik images, you need to select the Freepik option from the filter.

Search Image and Icon Files

Whether you're using the Flaticon or Freepik option, you can search for files in 2 ways:

  1. Using the old-school method by scrolling down and loading more options, or
  2. Using the search bar option at the top and conduct a search based on specific keywords.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to preview items before importing them.

Add Images and Icons to Media Library

To add any icon, sticker or image file to your Media Library, you just need to click on the file and wait for it to import.

Depending on the file size as well as your server, some files (images in particular) may take a while to import.

On successful import, you will see a message that the image has been added to the Media Library.

If the image you have selected is not a standalone image but instead a part of a zip file which usually contains editable .psd, .eps, .ai or other files, such images will not be imported.

Instead, you will see a message that the file could not be imported and get a link to download the file.

Preview Imported Images and Icons

All files you have added using either the Freepik or Flaticon feature (or both) will automatically be added to your Media Library.

To preview the files, navigate to Media > Library.

Use the files as you would use any other image file and enjoy building your WordPress website with OceanWP!

Images and Icons Import Recommendations

For optimal functionality of your website, we recommend that you enable the Ocean Images and Icons feature only when you need to import files. Once you're finished, disable the feature and enable back again per need.

Happy website building!

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