Translate Custom Parts of the Theme with WPML

If you want to translate with WPML your custom parts of OceanWP (custom header, custom footer, custom top bar content, etc...), follow the steps below:

1. Activate WPML for the My Library post type

In your dashboard, click WPML > Translation Management, click on the Multilingual Content Setup tab, scroll down to see Custom posts and select Translate for My Library.

2. Create your Template

Go to Theme Panel > My Library, create your template, for example, Custom Header and add your content.

3. Translate your Template

Click on the plus icon to translate your template in another language.

4. Select your Template

Go to the customizer to select your template, for example, if you have created a custom header, go to Header > General, select Custom Header and select your template.

5. Add your Template in String Translation

This step is the most important, first, install the WPML String Translation plugin, then, get your translated template ID (first screenshot below), go to WPML > String Translation, select admin_texts_theme_mods_oceanwp in the Select strings within domain: field, click on the translations link of the custom parts you want to translate so if it is your custom header, it is the [theme_mods_oceanwp]ocean_header_template name, to finish, add your translated template ID in the textarea, check Translation is complete and click Save.

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