My Icons Are Missing After Font Awesome 5 Upgrade

If you are using the OceanWP theme version 1.7.1 or above, and the Ocean Extra plugin version 1.5.17 or above and you are experiencing issues with your icons (for example, your icons are missing or showing up as squares), the reason is the upgrade to Font Awesome 5.

You can easily resolve this by following recommended steps:

1. Disable Font Awesome 4 Support within Elementor

Go to your WordPress dashboard, Elementor > Settings > Advanced and
make sure the Load Font Awesome 4 Support (bottom option) is set to NO.

2. Regenerate CSS

Go to your WordPress dashboard, Elementor > Tools and
Regenerate CSS files.

3. Clear Cache

If you are using a caching plugin or cloud services, make sure to clear your entire website/cloud/browser cache.

Icons Missing in Certain Sections

If your icons are missing in certain sections created with Elementor, or showing up as squares, sometimes it is enough just to edit that section in Elementor and the icon will reappear.

If the icon does not reappear, that means that Font Awesome 5 has a different icon ID for that specific icon and you should just set a "new" icon.

Icons Still Missing or Showing Up as Squares

If you have taken all recommended steps and your icons are still missing or showing up as squares, the reason could be a third-party plugin conflict or that the respective plugin you are using is not Font Awesome 5 ready.

In that case, you can use custom CSS to replace missing icons or contact the respective plugin developer support for troubleshooting.

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