How To Activate Ocean Pro Extensions

In order to activate Ocean Pro Extensions, you need to:

Install and activate OceanWP theme via Appearance > Themes > Add New.
Install and activate the Ocean Extra plugin via Plugins > Add New.
Download any of the Ocean Pro Extensions from your Ocean account and install on your website via Plugins > Add New.

Upon any of the Ocean Pro Extensions activation, your license will either connect automatically to your account or you will need to manually enter your license. It all depends what email address you have used to register your OceanWP theme installation within your WordPress website.

License Is Activated Automatically

If the license is activated automatically, you will see the following notice:

The Ocean-Pro-Extension-Name has been successfully activated with the Pro plan.

Manually Activate Ocean Pro Extensions Using Your License Key

In case you need to manually add your license key, you will either see:

A window prompting to enter your license key, or
A notice: Complete Ocean-Pro-Extensions-Name Activation Now.

In the first case, enter your license key, save changes and that is it.

In the second case, click the link in the notice, enter your license key, save changes and that is it.

In case you are experiencing any issues with your license activation or Ocean Pro Extensions installation, please open a support ticket or write directly to support [AT]

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