How To Deactivate Licenses from Your Account

Ocean Pro Extensions license deactivation can be performed in 3 ways:

Directly within your WordPress dashboard,
From your Ocean account,
By contacting support or submitting a support ticket.

How To Deactivate Ocean Licenses Within WordPress Dashboard

License deactivation from the WordPress dashboard is usually performed before WordPress reset or website migration from one domain to another, but it can also be done for the sheer purpose of license deactivation if you don't want to use a certain plugin on your website.

In order to deactivate your licenses from the WordPress dashboard, you need to:

Log into your website and go to your WP Dashboard, OceanWP > Account (old settings: Theme Panel > Account) ,
Click the Deactivate License option next to each installed and active plugin (or for all of them):

How To Deactivate Ocean Licenses from Your Ocean Account

If the deactivation license option is not available within your WordPress dashboard (if you have enabled the white-labeling option or used a different email for your OceanWP WordPress installation), then you can deactivate licenses directly from your Ocean account.

In order to do that, you need to:

Log into  your Ocean account  using the email you have used to register the WordPress installation for the website in question. This email can be the same as the email you have used to purchase the Bundle and/or Ocean Pro Extensions or it can be a different email. You can find this email within Theme Panel > Account.
Go to section Websites,
Click the website in question and a side window will appear containing a list of all Ocean Extensions installed on that website,
Click on the Ocean Extension you want to deactivate license for and a new side window will open with options for that particular plugin,
Select the Deactivate option in order to deactivate the license.
Perform the same action for each plugin you want to deactivate the license for.

Contact Ocean Support for License Deactivation

If you are for any reason unable to perform license deactivation on your own or find it difficult to manage, contact support by submitting a support ticket or writing directly to support [AT] and we will sort out everything for you.

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