Why Use OceanWP?

OceanWP Multi-Purpose Theme - For Websites With No Limits

You have so much to give but your WordPress theme is standing between you and the realization of your ideas?

Themes with limited features limit your creativity.

You won't experience those types of limitations ever again, because the OceanWP theme is the perfect ground for any type of project.

Taste the freedom and push the website building boundaries with OceanWP:

  • PRO Features Completely FREE - 90% of all features other themes offer as a pro version, OceanWP offers for free. View the OceanWP vs other themes feature comparison.
  • Unique Extras - powerful enhancements you will not find anywhere else.
  • Really No Coding Skills Required - all settings are only one click away.
  • Rich Features but Lightweight and Fast - thanks to perfectly written codes, the OceanWP theme is just as fast as other themes that offer only a couple of features.
  • Reduces the Need for Third-Party Plugins - the days of installing unnecessary plugins to achieve desired look or functionality are behind you, because OceanWP offers almost all features you will ever need.
  • Fully Customizable - want to change the order of elements on your blog posts, menus, colors or page layouts? The OceanWP theme has got you covered.
  • Live Customization Preview - see the changes you're applying before you publish them.
  • SEO Optimized
  • AMP Support
  • Schema Markup Integrated
  • Responsive
  • eCommerce Ready
  • Gutenberg Ready
  • RTL & Translation Ready
  • Awesome Support - 95% average customer happiness rate

And this is just the start.

OceanWP Is Ideal for ALL Projects

Thanks to its diversity and flexibility, OceanWP is your perfect "go to" theme for any type of project imaginable.

3 OceanWP Website Layout Styles

✔ Boxed, Wide, Separate

✔ Set Website Width

✔ Full Color Control

5 OceanWP Independent Pages Layout Styles

Choose between the Left or Right Sidebar, Both Sidebars, Full Width or 100% Full Width (edge to edge):

✔ Main site pages,

✔ Blog archives and entries,

✔ Single blog posts,

✔ Search results page,

✔ WooCommerce archive pages,

✔ WooCommerce single product page,

7 OceanWP Header Menu Styles + Custom Header

Minimal, Transparent, Top Menu, Center, Medium, Vertical, Custom Header (Custom Header requires free Ocean Extra Plugin)

✔ Mega Menu

✔ Social Menu

✔ Logo + Retina Logo

✔ After Header Content

✔ Disable/Enable Full Width

✔ Header Height Control

✔ Full Color Styling

✔ Full Dropdown Color Styling

OceanWP Top Bar

✔ Disable/Enable Top Bar

✔ Enable/Disable Full Width Top Bar

✔ Additional Menu Navigation

✔ Content

✔ Social Menu

✔ Choose Elements Positioning Structure

✔ Full Color Control

3 OceanWP Search Header Styles

✔ Disable/Enable Header Search Option

Dropdown, Header Replace, Overlay Styles

✔ Full Color Control

3 OceanWP Mobile Menu Styles

Use your desktop menu for your mobile devices or choose one out of 3 default mobile menus

Drop Down, Sidebar, Full Screen Mobile Menu Styles

✔ Mobile Logo

✔ Elements Positioning Structure (depends on the style)

✔ Choose Mobile Menu Icon

✔ Full Color Control

✔ Enable/Disable Mobile Search Option

✔ Full Mobile Search Color Control

4 OceanWP Page Title Styles

✔ Choose on which devices you want Page Title to appear or disable completely

Default, Centered, Centered Minimal, Background Image Page Title Styles

✔ Adjustable Padding Control

✔ Choose the Heading Tag

✔ Full Color Control

✔ Enable/Disable Breadcrumbs

✔ Full Breadcrumbs Color Control

3 OceanWP Blog Entries Layout

✔ Select Blog Entries Page Layout

✔ Choose the Heading Tag

Grid (Fit Rows or Masonry), Large Image and Thumbnail Entries Layout Styles

✔ Select Columns Number

✔ Adjustable Excerpt Count

✔ 3 Blog Pagination Styles: Default, Infinite Scroll and Next/Previous

OceanWP Blog Entries Structure

✔ Disable/Enable Elements

✔ Change Elements Order

5 Blog Entries Elements: Featured Image, Title, Meta, Content, Read More

6 Meta Elements: Author, Published Date, Categories, Comments, Modified Date, Reading Time

OceanWP Single Blog Post Layout

✔ Select Single Blog Post Page Layout

✔ Choose the Heading Tag

✔ Pick Out Layout Structure for Mobile Devices

✔ User Blog or your Post Title as Page Header Title

✔ Display Featured Image in Page Header Title (optional)

✔ Adjust Full Content Width (when full width layout style used)

OceanWP Single Blog Post Structure

✔ Disable/Enable Elements

✔ Change Elements Order

9 Single Blog Post Elements: Featured Image, Title, Meta, Content, Tags, Next/Previous Links, Author Box, Related Posts, Comments

✔ Additional Single Blog Post Elements (based on installed plugins, like Ocean Social Sharing)

6 Meta Elements: Author, Published Date, Categories, Comments, Modified Date, Reading Time

✔ Choose Next/Previous Posts Taxonomy

✔ Select Related Posts Taxonomy

✔ Adjust Related Posts Count and Columns Number

OceanWP Footer Widgets + Custom Footer

✔ Disable/Enable Footer

✔ Select Device Visibility

✔ Disable/Enable Fixed Footer

✔ Disable/Enable Footer Parallax Effect

✔ Select Columns Number

✔ Adjustable Padding

✔ Full Color Control

✔ Load Custom Footer Template (requires free Ocean Extra plugin)

OceanWP Footer Bottom Copyright Area

✔ Disable/Enable Footer Bottom

✔ Select Device Visibility

✔ Content

✔ Additional Menu Navigation

✔ Adjustable Padding

✔ Full Color Control

OceanWP Search Results Page

✔ Select Search Source (All post types, pages, posts, products...)

✔ Choose Search Results Post Count

✔ Pick Search Results Page Layout


✔ 19 Standard Fonts

✔ Google Fonts

✔ Font Weight

✔ Font Style

✔ Text Transform

✔ 3 Font Size Units: px. em, %

✔ Responsive Font Size

✔ Responsive Line Height

✔ Responsive Letter Spacing

✔ Font Color Control

Additional Global Settings

✔ Scroll to Top Button with full Settings

✔ Theme Pagination Style

✔ Theme Buttons Style

✔ Theme Forms Style

✔ Opengraph

✔ 404 Page Settings + Custom 404 Page (custom 404 page requires free Ocean Extra plugin)

OceanWP Integrations

✔ WooCommerce + Complete Customization Settings

✔ LifterLMS + Complete Customization Settings

✔ LearnDash + Complete Customization Settings

✔ Easy Digital Downloads + Complete Customization Settings

✔ bbPress

But this is not the end of the fun.

Experience the Full Power of OceanWP with Ocean Extra Plugin

Ocean Extra is a free WordPress plugin which allows you to take over complete management.

With the Ocean Extra plugin, you control your website, not the other way around.

Ocean Extra Allows Complete Control of Each Page and Blog Post Individually

Don't want all your pages or blog posts to look alike? Want to spice things up a bit?

We've got you covered!

Ocean Extra adds OceanWP settings to each page and blog post to help you do your magic:

Main Settings:

  • Choose Content Layout
  • Choose Sidebar
  • Disable/Enable Margins


  • Paste your template's shortcode in the area you want it to appear
  • 10 shortcode areas (Before Top Bar, After Top Bar, Before Header, After Header, Before Title, After Title, Before Footer Widgets, After Footer Widgets, Before Footer Bottom, After Footer Bottom)

Header Settings:

  • Disable/Enable Top Bar
  • Disable/Enable Header
  • Choose Header Style

✔ Logo Settings:

  • Select a different logo and retina logo
  • Apply responsive settings

Menu Settings:

  • Display a different menu
  • Choose Typography
  • Apply different color settings

Title Settings:

  • Enable/Disable Page Title
  • Hide/Display Heading
  • Enter Custom Heading
  • Enter Custom Subheading
  • Choose Page Title Style

Breadcrumbs Settings:

  • Enable/Disable Breadcrumbs
  • Apply different color settings

Footer Settings:

  • Enable/Disable Footer Widgets area
  • Enable/Disable Footer Bottom Copyright area
  • Choose Custom Footer Template

Post Settings:

  • embed codes, links, videos
  • Quote post format settings

Additional Settings Based on Other Ocean Free and Pro Extensions Installed

Ocean Extra Helps You Speed Up Your Website

Not using some of OceanWP features? No problem.

Disable any script easily directly from your WordPress dashboard (Theme Panel > Scripts & Styles) and increase your website's loading time.

Quick Customization Access with Ocean Extra

Need to access a certain area quickly? Or want to load only specific parts of your Customizer?

That won't be an issue.

Access customization tasks directly form your WordPress dashboard (Theme Panel > Theme Panel):

Enable or disable Customizer sections for faster loading time:

Ocean Extra Brings Custom Ocean Widgets

The Ocean Extra plugins installs custom Ocean Widgets in your widgets are (Appearance > Widgets) for you to use in your sidebars or footer widget area:

  • About Me
  • Contact Info
  • Custom Header Logo
  • Custom Header Nav
  • Custom Links
  • Custom Menu
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Flickr
  • MailChimp
  • Recent Posts
  • Social Icons
  • Tags Cloud
  • Twitter
  • Video
  • + additional widgets based on other installed free and pro Ocean Extensions

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