OceanWP vs Other Themes Comparison

OceanWP - the Only Free WordPress Theme with Pro Features

OceanWP is the only theme in the WordPress galaxy which offers pro features completely free:

  • 90% of features other themes offer as a pro version, OceanWP offers for free
  • additional free unique features you will not find anywhere else

Not convinced?

Here is a simple comparison of OceanWP vs Other Themes features:

OceanWP Other Themes
Menu Headers ✔ FREE pro
Above Header * ✔ FREE pro
Below Header ✔ FREE pro
Custom Header * ✔ FREE pro
Mobile Headers ✔ FREE pro
Page Title Style ✔ FREE pro
Mega Menu ✔ FREE pro
Website Layout ✔ FREE pro
Page Layout ✔ FREE pro
Page Entries Layout ✔ FREE pro
Excerpt Count ✔ FREE pro
Infinite Scroll ✔ FREE pro
Single Blog Post Layout ✔ FREE pro
Blog Entries Structure ✔ FREE pro
Single Blog Post Structure ✔ FREE pro
Custom Colors ✔ FREE pro
Typography Settings & Colors ✔ FREE pro
Google Fonts ✔ FREE pro
Flexible Footer Layout ✔ FREE pro
Footer Parallax ✔ FREE pro
Custom Footer * ✔ FREE pro
Custom 404 Page * ✔ FREE pro
Custom Layout * ✔ FREE pro
LearnDash Integration ✔ FREE pro
LifterLMS Integration ✔ FREE pro
WooCommerce Integration ✔ FREE  pro

* Some features require the use of Ocean Extra free plugin.

The comparison is based upon features other major and popular themes offer as a pro version. This comparison does not include all OceanWP features.

View the complete list of all OceanWP features: Why Use OceanWP?

WooCommerce Features Comparison

Creating and designing an eCommerce website doesn't need to be expensive at all.

OceanWP offers all these WooCommerce features for free:

OceanWP Other Themes
Infinite Scroll ✔ FREE pro
Off-Canvas Sidebar ✔ FREE pro
Quick View ✔ FREE pro
Single Product Gallery Options ✔ FREE pro
Sales Bubble Styles ✔ FREE pro
Dropdown Cart ✔ FREE pro
Product Archive Layout ✔ FREE pro
Product Archive Structure ✔ FREE pro
Single Product Layout ✔ FREE pro
Single Product Structure ✔ FREE pro
Customize Cart ✔ FREE pro
Customize Checkout ✔ FREE pro
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