How To Switch to a Different Demo

Since Ocean demos are not individual themes but pre-built layouts for the OceanWP theme, you can't "uninstall" demos in a traditional way (like you would do with a WordPress theme).

If you have imported a demo, but would like to switch to a new one, there are two ways you can do it properly:

  1. Using WordPress Reset plugin,
  2. Using the Cutomizer Reset option via your WP Dashboard, OceanWP > OceanWP Panel > Customizer > Customizer Reset (or Using Customizer Reset plugin if you're running OceanWP version 3.2.2 or older).

Note that importing demo over a demo may result in mixed settings, duplicated content, etc.

Change Demo Using WordPress Reset

If your website is fairly new and does not contain any of your content, the best method is to perform a complete reset using the WordPress Reset plugin.

Please note that performing a reset will completely erase all your content and you will start from scratch: install the theme and plugins all over again, upload media, etc.

After you have all your plugins installed, you can import a new demo via Theme Panel > Install Demos.

Important Notice: If you're using Ocean Pro Extensions on your website, make sure to deactivate all licenses prior to performing a reset - How To Deactivate Licenses for Ocean Pro Extensions

Change Demo Using Customizer Reset

If you're running OceanWP theme version 3.3.0 or newer, you can reset the Customizer (theme) styling by using the Customizer Reset option via your WP Dashboard, OceanWP > OceanWP Panel > Customizer.

(Running OceanWP 3.2.2 or older) If you are working on an already established website which contains personal content you don't want to risk losing, then the best way to import a new demo is to use the Customizer Reset plugin.

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