What Can OceanWP Support Help Me With?

OceanWP Support can help you in regards to all questions or issues related to the OceanWP theme or Ocean Extensions, both free and pro, if you were unable to find the solution on your own by searching through our Knowledge Base, WordPress forum or OceanWP Facebook Community Support group.

Can OceanWP Support Help Me With Third-Party Plugins?

OceanWP Support can and will help you with any third-party plugin for which it offers specific features or customization options to, if those questions or issues are related to the OceanWP theme or any of the Ocean Extensions. For example, OceanWP WooCommerce features.

All other issues and questions, which are not specifically related to the OceanWP theme or any of the Ocean Extensions, must be addressed to the respective plugins' developer or support.

Can OceanWP Support Help Me With SEO, Website Optimization, etc?

We understand that websites are more than themes and plugins.

We also highly appreciate the trust our clients and users have in us when they seek advice in regards to SEO, website optimization, hosting, etc. However, the only way for us to maintain the quality of our support services is to keep focus on OceanWP theme on Ocean Extensions.

That is the reason we have complied a list of all groups where we believe you will find adequate support from professionals dedicated to specific topics.

WordPress for Beginners

WordPress General

WordPress SEO

WordPress Optimization

WordPress Security

WordPress Hosting


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