Customizer Button Displays Cannot Activate

While the Customizer (Appearance > Customize) is active, and instead of the Publish button you see an inactive button saying Cannot Activate, the problem is unrelated to your license status.

This means that your WordPress installation is currently running a PHP version lower than the recommended one.

OceanWP uses the same minimal PHP version threshold as WordPress, which is the PHP 7.2 version. This means you can run PHP 7.2 and each version above to successfully use OceanWP theme and all Ocean plugins.

Important: Some PHP versions do not return the correct version.

Example: You may have set a PHP version 7.3 within your hosting settings, and you are still experiencing the problem mentioned above. This means that your PHP version of choice is returning a PHP version that does not correspond to its number. This will result in WordPress labeling your version as insufficient.

Solution: Choose a different PHP version within your hosting settings. If you continue to experience problems with WordPress, reach out to your hosting provider support for assistance.

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