My Customizer Is Loading Only the Widgets Panel

If your OceanWP Customizer (Appearance > Customize) is loading only the Widgets panel, there are several reasons that could be causing this behavior:

  • invalid PHP codes,
  • child theme created using a third-party plugin,
  • possible plugin conflict.

Invalid PHP Codes

If you have added any custom PHP codes and/or functions either using a plugin or directly altering the child theme's functions.php file prior to experiencing issues with the Customizer, then those codes could be affecting your theme's functionality.

In order to check if these codes are the cause of Customizer loading issues, you need to:

Temporarily disable any plugins you are using to add custom PHP codes into your theme, or
Temporarily switch to the parent theme in case you have added your codes directly to the child theme's functions.php file.

After you have done these, try loading the Customizer again. If the Customizer loads without any issues, remove the custom codes after you have identified them.

Child Theme Created Using a Third-Party Plugin

If you are using a child theme that was created with a help of a third-party plugin or you have created it yourself instead of using the default OceanWP Child Theme, then that child theme could be the reason you are experiencing Customizer loading issues.

In order to check if the child theme is the reason you are experiencing these problems:

Temporarily switch to the parent theme,
Try loading the Customizer again.

If the Customizer loads in full after you switch to the parent theme, you will need to replace the child theme you are currently using with the default OceanWP child theme.

Possible Plugin Conflict

The other reason you might be experiencing Customizer loading issues is a possible plugin conflict.

In order to check if that is truly the case, as well as to identify the possible culprit, then:

Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins,
Disable all non-Ocean plugins one by one,
Try loading the Customizer after disabling each.

Once the Customizer loads, you have identified the culprit, so try replacing the problematic plugin with another one with similar functionalities.

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