eComm Treasure Box Dashboard: Widgets

Welcome to your Ocean eComm Treasure Box dashboard!

The Widgets tab of the Ocean eComm Treasure Box dashboard contains a list of all available widgets for the Elementor template builder method.

All widgets are sorted out by categories. Example: Cart Widgets, Checkout Widgets, etc.

Enable or Disable Widgets

If you wish to unclutter your Elementor widgets panel or simply don't plan to use some of the available widgets at any given moment, you can disable them entirely (and likewise, enable back again) either by category or individually.

Widgets Save Changes

Once you're done managing your widgets, scroll down to the bottom of the Widgets tab, and click the Save Changes button to apply changes.

Add New Template Shortcut

The Widgets tab of the Ocean eComm Treasure Box dashboard also contains the Add New Template shortcut.

If you click the Add New Template button, you will be redirected to the Template Builder.

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