Breadcrumbs - OceanWP Settings

Using the Breadcrumbs feature of the OceanWP Settings, you can manipulate the breadcrumbs in the Page Title area of each of your pages, posts, products, etc per need.

Default (global) Breadcrumbs settings are available via Customize > General Options > Page Title, section Breadcrumbs.

New OceanWP Settings - custom Breadcrumbs settings

Available Breadcrumbs options include:

  • enabling or disabling the display of breadcrumbs,
  • color options.

Display Breadcrumbs - Breadcrumbs OceanWP Settings

The Display Breadcrumbs feature allows you to enable or disable breadcrumbs in the Page Title area of any page, post, product, etc.

Display Breadcrumbs includes 3 options:

  • Default: inherit Customizer settings.
  • Enable: display breadcrumbs even if disabled in the Customizer.
  • Disable: hide breadcrumbs even if enabled in the Customizer.

Important: In order for the Breadcrumbs to be displayed, the Page Title area must be enabled either on individual or global (Customizer) level.

Breadcrumbs' Colors - Breadcrumbs OceanWP Settings

Using additional color options, you can assign different colors to your breadcrumbs.

Available Breadcrumbs color options include:

  • Color: color of plain text and non-clickable items (not links) in breadcrumbs.
  • Separator Color: color of the symbol that separates breadcrumbs (arrows, angled brackets, slash, etc).
  • Links Color: the regular color of all link items in breadcrumbs.
  • Links Color: Hover: the color of all link items in breadcrumbs on mouse hover.

That's it!

Happy website building!

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