Installing Recommended Plugin

Once you have installed and activated OceanWP theme, you will be prompted to install the free Ocean Extra recommended plugin.

Click on the " Install & Activate Ocean Extra" button.

That's it!

The Ocean Extra plugin will be installed from the WordPress repository in the background and activated upon installation.

Installation and activation can take a couple minutes depending on your host. You should see a success confirmation message.

Installing Additional Ocean or Recommended Plugins

Once the Ocean Extra plugin has been activated, the OceanWP Panel will load for you.

From the Useful Plugins section of the OceanWP Panel, you can install additional plugins or all available free Ocean plugins.

Errors While Installing Recommended Plugin?

99% of errors when installing recommended plugin are due to strict server permissions not allowing the plugin to be saved in your wp-content/plugins/ folder.

If you're unable to resolve the permission issues with your hosting provider support, you can still install all necessary plugins manually from the WordPress repository.

The video below will show you how to manually install the Ocean Extra or other plugins from the WordPress repository.

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