Host Elementor Google Fonts Locally with OceanWP

Since the OceanWP version 3.3.4, you are able to use the OceanWP feature which will allow you to host Elementor Google fonts locally.

In order to use this function, you need to have the OceanWP theme and Ocean Extra plugin installed and active. And, of course, the free Elementor plugin as well.

As Elementor users already know, Elementor will allow you to use locally hosted fonts only if you update this plugin to its premium version. With the uprising GDPR regulations, such options do not suit everyone.

Here in OceanWP, we've come up with a feature that will allow you to use Elementor freely and go crazy with the typography and font families.

Enable Elementor to Inherit Theme Typography Settings

By default, Elementor uses its own typography settings so you need to manually enable Elementor to inherit theme typography settings.

Check out our article on how to use the OceanWP typography settings with Elementor and make Elementor inherit your typography settings.

What will this change do?

In case you have the OceanWP Google Fonts From Site feature enabled in the Customizer, every time you build a page with Elementor and leave the font family as "Default" in Elementor widget typography settings, your fonts will always load from your website instead of the Google fonts website.

But, what if you would like to use a different font family for a paragraph or a heading other than the ones you assigned in the Customizer Typography settings?

Previously, those fonts would also load from Google fonts site. But that's something you don't need to worry about anymore.

Load Elementor Google Fonts Locally with OceanWP

As previously mentioned, this feature is available only to OceanWP theme users, and only if you are using the OceanWP theme version 3.3.4 or above.

Navigate to Customize > Typography > General.

Check the option Elementor Google Fonts from Site, then publish changes.

That's it!

Happy website building!

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