Ocean eComm Treasure Box Requirements

Thank you for choosing Ocean eComm Treasure Box addon for WooCommerce to build your custom eCommerce website!

You've made the perfect choice :)

In order for your Ocean eComm Treasure Box addon for WooCommerce to run smoothly, you need to have the following installed on your WordPress website:

For custom template builder methods, Ocean eComm Treasure Box at this moment supports only Elementor, so you'll also need.

  • Elementor page builder. Free or pro, decision is yours, Ocean eComm Treasure Box will function perfectly with both. However, you are not required to use any third-party premium plugins in order to run and/or use any of the OceanWP products.

Additional System Requirements

When it comes to your WordPress system requirements (hosting), the usual OceanWP recommendations stand in place:

  • WordPress version 5.6 or above.
  • PHP version 7.4 or above.
  • PHP Memory Limit 512M or above (minimum 768M is recommended for eCommerce websites, though this value depends on your entire installation and additional plugin usage).
  • GD Installed.
  • ZIP Installed.

For more information, please see OceanWP WordPress requirements and recommendations.

Enjoy building your custom WooCommerce website with OceanWP and Ocean eComm Treasure Box

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