Welcome to Ocean eComm Treasure Box

Ocean eComm Treasure Box is a premium WordPress addon for WooCommerce by OceanWP.

Ocean eComm Treasure Box puts you in control of all UI and UX aspects of your custom eCommerce store. You can create multiple product page designs for unlimited A/B testing and maximum optimization, design the cart and checkout pages, and more.

The eCommerce space is saturated and competitive. The ability to customize your shop design, as well as to A/B test those designs on the fly gives you a fierce edge over the competition. Ocean eComm Treasure Box empowers you to customize your WooCommerce shop design from the ground up by making use of the simple drag & drop interface and the force of the OceanWP's amazing Customizer.

eComm Treasure Box Functionality

Ocean eComm Treasure Box equips you to fully customize your WooCommerce store: Your Store, Your Way.

You can build custom templates for the following pages:

  • Shop and archives,
  • Single product,
  • Cart,
  • Checkout,
  • Thank You,
  • Account,
  • Account Login / Register,
  • Account Dashboard,
  • Account Orders,
  • Account Downloads,
  • Account Edit Address,
  • Account Details,
  • Account Lost Password,
  • Account Reset Password.

Learn all about the Ocean eComm Treasure Box Template Builder.

eComm Treasure Box Checkout Manager

Ocean eComm Treasure Box enables you to customize and manage your checkout fields.

You can modify the following fields:

  • Checkout,
  • Billing,
  • Additional Info.

The Checkout Manager also supports its own builder method that allows you:

  • choose what fields to display,
  • change the order of fields,
  • change value,
  • placeholder value,
  • default value,
  • validation,
  • CSS classes,
  • required option.

Learn how to use the Ocean eComm Treasure Box Checkout Fields Manager.

But really, the Checkout Fields Manager is just the beginning of the amount of options you have at your disposal.

eComm Treasure Box Modules

The Ocean eComm Treasure Box enables you to add various brilliant options to your custom eCommerce website, saving you enormous funds and saving you from using different or countless tools to achieve great things:

  • Product Tabs Manager: control & customize single product tabs;
  • Product Swatches: create & customize product swatches;
  • Products Purchase Notifier aka Live Sale Notifications: add life to your store and show your site visitors that people are buying from you;
  • Coupon Manager: create & manage various types of coupons, including the Abandoned Cart coupon to send your visitors an incentive to make them complete the purchase;
  • Product Badges Manager: create & customize various badges for your products to emphasize products on sale or products with special deals.

eComm Treasure Box Template Builder Support

Ocean eComm Treasure Box supports Elementor page builder. Other builder methods are planned.

You are not required to use or run Elementor Pro to use or operate the Ocean eCommerce Treasure Box and its features.

Likewise, you are not required to use or run any third-party premium products to use or operate OceanWP or any of the Ocean extensions, including Ocean eComm Treasure Box.

eComm Treasure Box Special Widgets for Elementor

Ocean eComm Treasure Box includes special widgets for Elementor for special functionality of your custom eCommerce website:

  • Special Deal Notices: to let your customers know when there are special deals involved for a specific product or product category.
  • Only 1 Left In Stock: create a sense of urgency by displaying a message when the product is almost sold out. You can set the stock threshold to any value you want (doesn't need to be 1).
  • Suggest Price: let your customers bargain with you and allow them to suggest a price for products.
  • Product Reviews Slider: display your product reviews in a form of a slider.

eComm Treasure Box Components

Ocean eComm Treasure Box bundles additional components (features) you can enable on your website:

  • Sticky Header (entire functionality based on the Ocean Sticky Header plugin. This means, if you have the Bundle license, you don't need to install the Ocean Sticky Header plugin individually).
  • Woo Popup (entire functionality based on the Ocean Woo Popup plugin. This means, if you have the Bundle license, you don't need to install the Ocean Woo Popup plugin individually).
  • Wishlist: create a simple wishlist page.
  • Elementor Library: a library of ready-to-use custom templates for your eCommerce store (shop, single product, checkout and more). The availability of templates depends on your Ocean eCommerce premium plan. All templates include 100% royalty-free images.
  • Ocean Images: import Freepik images and Flaticon icons directly to your Media Library and use them within your design 100% royalty-free. The availability of this option depends on your Ocean eCommerce Premium plan.

We have detailed documentation for all options to make it easy for you to setup a dazzling custom eCommerce store entirely on your own.

Enjoy building your custom eCommerce website with OceanWP and Ocean eComm Treasure Box!

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