How To Use Elementor Templates Library

The  Elementor Library for custom eCommerce websites is available to all Ocean eCommerce premium license owners.

In order to make use of the Elementor Library component, you need to use the following:

  • Ocean eComm Treasure Box v 1.1.0 or above.

While the  Store and Entrepreneur plan license owners will have access to limited resources, the Shopping Plus and Shopping Mall plan license owners will enjoy FULL access to all resources.

In this article we'll explain how to use the Elementor Library component and make use of the OceanWP prebuilt template to speed up the building of your custom eCommerce website.

Enable the Elementor Library Component

In order to make use of the Elementor Library component, first you need to enable it.

Head over to your eCommerce OTB dashboard, section Components and toggle the button next to Elementor Library to enable (or disable) this feature.

Launch Elementor Library

Elementor Library templates can be used only from inside the Elementor editor itself.

That being said, edit or start a new page using Elementor.

Launch the Elementor Library by clicking the purple "O" icon that will appear in the editor.

Elementor Library - syncing data on the first run and updates

When running the Elementor Library the very first time (or when we release new templates for the library), you will need to click the Refresh button in the upper right corner until all data is populated on your end.

Once done, you're able to use the available templates as you please so go on and build a stunning custom eCommerce website ;)

Sections, Pages and Special Templates

There are 3 types of custom templates available to you:

  1. Sections,
  2. Pages, and
  3. Special templates.


Section templates can be used all over the website depending on your needs:

  • to create custom templates for the footer, header, Ocean Footer Callout, Ocean Sticky Footer, Ocean Side Panel, etc;
  • in pages and blog posts when building content from scratch or enriching existing content,
  • even in custom templates you build via eCommerce OTB > Templates Builder.

Each section can be altered to fit your needs entirely.

Using the available filter will make things easier for you to browse between available section types (footer, newsletter, call to action, etc).


Similar to Sections, the Pages templates can also be used all over the website depending on your needs.

Since Pages templates are combos of carefully crafted multiple sections, even if you like just one of the sections in the Pages template, you can import the entire page template and simply delete the obsolete sections.

Each section in the Pages template can be altered to fit your needs entirely.

Using the available filter will make things easier for you to browse between available page types (landing page, contact, etc).


Unlike sections and pages, Special templates can only be used inside the Template Builder (eCommerce OTB > Builder).

This is because dedicated Ocean eCommerce builder widgets were used to create these templates. For example, for the single product template will contain only widgets that will properly function for the single product template.

To use the Special templates, you will need to edit an existing template or create a new template from the eCommerce Template Builder.

Depending on the type of your template (single product, thank you page, etc) use the filter to browse between available and correct special template types.

Disable the Elementor Library Component

Here at OceanWP we believe in responsible growth.

One of the traits of our responsible growth is allowing you control over features you use.

Whenever you don't have the need to use the Elementor Library component (aka you're not building any templates, pages or content), you can disable the component.

Disabling Elementor Library component will not influence nor alter any of the content which you previously imported because that content is now on your website.

You can disable or enable the Elementor Library component via your eCommerce OTB dashboard, section Components.

That's it!

Enjoy building your custom eCommerce website with Ocean eComm Treasure Box and our prebuilt templates library.

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