Sample Child Theme

If you are planning to make advanced changes to the OceanWP theme (mainly the functions.php file), the best way to do that is via a child theme.

Luckily, we have already prepared a nice sample OceanWP Child Theme for you, therefore you do not need to install unnecessary third-party plugins to create it.

Download Sample Child Theme

IMPORTANT: Switching To a Child Theme Notice:

If you already have an established website and plan adding a child theme just now, please remember that all theme modifications (such as the Customizer settings) are saved in your database table using the name of your theme. Therefore, in order to apply the same settings in your OceanWP Child Theme, you must do the following:

Go to Theme Panel > Import/Export and export your settings in a .dat file and save on your computer.
Install and activate the OceanWP Child Theme.
Go to Theme Panel > Import/Export and import the .dat file with your settings.

If you have already installed the OceanWP Child Theme but forgot to export your settings first, then:

Go to Appearance >Theme s and activate the core OceanWP theme again.
Perform all the steps from the list above.
Then go to Appearance > Themes and reactivate the OceanWP child theme.
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