How Can I Get Support - Support 101

If you are a client, you can get support by:

Opening a support ticket (section For Customers),
Opening a support ticket through your customer account,
Opening a pre-purchase ticket,
Sending us a direct email to support [at], or
Using the Help Button on our website (bottom corner).

How To Get Fast Support

The fastest way to find a solution or an answer to your question is to go through our Knowledge Base, WordPress forum or OceanWP Facebook Community Support group before submitting a ticket.

We perfectly understand your time is valuable or that you may be in a hurry, so that the fastest way to get a solution, in your opinion, is to submit a ticket. Even though we are very much eager to help you, rest assured that many clients share your beliefs. However, that also means that you could be waiting for a reply from us over 24h due to our increased support workload, for something you could have resolved in 5 minutes.

Help Us Help You

If you were unable to find a solution or an answer on your own, please reach out to Support.

In order for us to be able to provide you with the best and most accurate support, we really need your help.

How to help us - Tips for getting the best support

We know that you may be in a rush or that you don't understand the issue, but tickets with content "my header doesn't function" do not nearly provide enough information for us to understand the problem.

Please be detailed as possible. The more we know about what you are experiencing, the better we can understand the issue.

If the issue is related to one of our plugins or features, please name that plugin and/or feature.
If the issue is present on specific pages only, please provide us with links to those pages.
Provide us with a URL to your website. If your website is under Maintenance Mode or password protected, please disable those features until we investigate the issue.
Please describe in detailed steps how to replicate the issue on our/your end.
If possible, provide us with screenshots which, in your opinion, describe the problem best.
In some cases, no matter how much details you have provided us with, the only way for us to understand or troubleshoot the issue is to access your website. If it comes to such situations, we will need temporary admin login details to your website.

Why do you want to access my website?

Actually, asking for your admin login details is our last resort for trying to troubleshoot the issue and hopefully solve the problem. Before asking for your admin credentials, we will do our best to help you resolve everything on your own.

Of course, you are in no way obligated to provide us with your admin login details. But, in that case, we might not be able to help you, since you are restricting the ways and means for us to investigate the problem.

What kind of admin login details do we need?

In situations where we need to access your website, we require the following:

  1. Admin login page URL. Default WordPress login page URL would be /wp-admin or /wp-login.php, but sometimes clients change those URLs for security reasons. In that case, do not forget to provide us with the accurate URL.
  2. Admin username.
  3. Admin password.

You can provide us with your own credentials, or you can create another admin user via your WordPress dashboard, Users > Add New, and send us complete details.

The other solution would be to use a plugin like Temporary Login Without Password, which will help you create a temporary access link without sharing any details.

As soon as we are finished investigating/troubleshooting the issue, we will notify you about it. After that, you can change the password, delete the temporary admin user or delete the temporary access link.

When Is Support Available?

Our Support is available during weekdays, Monday - Friday, between 7am-3pm GMT.

However, you can submit a ticket whenever you feel the need to.

When Can I Expect a Reply From Support?

Although we tend to solve all issues within the first 24h, sometimes that is just not possible due to increased workload.

If you haven't received a reply from support after 48h, make sure to check your spam folder first. Sometimes our replies will end up there without you knowing.

Also, please be advised of the known helpdesk platform flaws which are completely out of our control:

  • Even though you may receive an automated reply if you send us a direct email, we may have not really received your ticket, or
  • You may have not received our reply.

Although these problems are rare, and we sincerely apologize for that, they do happen. In that case, please submit another ticket regarding your issue, if you have not received a reply from us after 48h during the week days.

What Kind of Support Can I Get From OceanWP?

For detailed info on what kind of support you can get from us, we highly recommend you go through these two docs:

What Can OceanWP Support Help Me With?
Support Policy.
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