Customer Accounts 101

When you complete a purchase, a customer account is created for you.

Customer Account Password

It can take up to one hour to receive a purchase confirmation email that contains all access information and a temporary password which expires within 24h.

You must log in and change the password immediately. If you do not do this within the first 24h from the moment of purchase, you can request a password reset link later on.

If you require password reset, follow our document on How to Reset Account Password.

Customer Account Email Confirmation

If you did not receive an email within an hour, check your spam folder and make sure to whitelist or add to contacts all our emails in order to avoid future issues.

If the purchase emails are not within your spam folder, you might have made a typo while completing the purchase or you are experiencing email issues. These issues are usually related to incorrect inbox MX Records settings.

In that case, reach us so that we can check everything out for you and eventually change your account email address.

Customer Account Access

1. You can access your customer account directly from the website, and

2. You can access your customer account dashboard directly via Freemius.

Your credentials (email address and password) are one and the same whatever option you choose.

Important: Automated customer account creation does not create a user account on

You can use the same credentials to create a user account and connect it with your customer account. The process is not automatic neither mandatory.

However, if you do not create a user account, you will not be able to use the standard login or you may receive the user email not recognized error.

Why Can I Access My Account Using Different URLs?

Freemius is a third-party company whose licensing services we use.

Freemius offers the same services to other companies as well.

If you access your customer account dashboard directly through the Freemius website, and in case you have made other purchases from other companies that use Freemius services using the same email address, you will see all your products, payments and purchases displayed "under one roof".

If you access your customer account dashboard through the website, you will only see products, payments and purchases related to OceanWP alone.

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