Customizer - OceanWP Panel

The Customizer section of the OceanWP Panel offers features and options related to the WordPress Customizer (Appearance > Customize).

The free Ocean Extra plugin must be installed and active in order for you to use all features available in this section.

Customizer Search

The Customizer Search option allows you to locate all available Customizer settings with ease.

See this doc to learn how to use the Customizer Search option.

Customizer Controls

The Customizer Controls option allows you to disable specific Customizer settings from loading in the Customizer.

This feature will speed up the Customizer loading time or just "reduce the clutter".

Options that are available to disable depend on the free and pro Ocean extensions you have installed on your website.

See this doc to learn how to utilize the Customizer Controls feature.

Customizer Styling Import & Export

The Customizer Styling Import & Export allows you to:

  • export your website Customizer styling,
  • import existing Customizer styling to your website.

Extremely useful when working with child themes, especially if you decided to install a child theme when you've already advanced with the website building and styling.

This feature can also be used in the combination with our Customizer Reset feature.

See this doc to learn how to utilize the Customizer Styling Import & Export feature, and export or import styling to your website.

Customizer Reset

The Customizer Reset options allows you to remove all Customizer settings and replace them with default OceanWP theme settings automatically.

This option does not delete the content of your website.

See this doc to learn how to utilize the Customizer Reset option.

That's it!

Happy website building

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