Admin Settings - OceanWP Panel

The Admin Settings sections allows all OceanWP users to handle specific features of the OceanWP theme or the Ocean Extra plugin that are available to website admins only.

The Admin Settings section is available since the OceanWP 3.3.4 version.

Disable Edit Links on Blog Archive Pages

Edit Links are visible only to website admins. These small links are visible on blog post archive pages and allow quick access to the blog post's WordPress edit page. This option will function when the Ocean Extra plugin is enabled.

If you want to disable the Edit Links from displaying, all you need to do is enable the toggle button.

Regenerate Local Google CSS Files

If you were ever unable to use the OceanWP theme option to load Google fonts locally (from site) due to your WordPress installation URL (http://) or SSL certificate issues, therefore Google fonts did not render on your website's front-end. This option will function if Ocean Extra plugin is enabled.

In OceanWP 3.3.4 version we made changes that would allow you to make use of Google fonts regardless of your WP installation URL or SSL certificate.

If, after the theme update, you're still unable to use the OceanWP theme option to load Google fonts locally (Google fonts not rendering on the front end), make sure to Regenerate Local Google CSS files by clicking the Clear Data button.

Disable Ocean Notifications

Ocean News Notifications is a feature available since the OceanWP 3.3.4 version. However, this will feature will function only if you have the free Ocean Extra plugin installed and you're using the version 2.0.3 or above.

The Ocean News feature will allow you to stay up to speed with all the most relevant news from the OceanWP world, which involves information about updates, webinars, promotions, changes and more. We value your trust and privacy, therefore promise to share only the most relevant news with you.

However, if you don't wish to receive the news from us, you can always disable this feature by toggling the button.

OceanWP News - How Does It Work?

Whenever there's news available, you will see a notification in your WordPress admin bar with a clear indicator of the number of news.

Once you click on the Notifications link from the dropdown menu, you will be redirected to the OceanWP News area.

If there are more news available, you will be able to go through them using the navigation arrows (right and left).

If you dismiss the news (click the "X" button), one and the same news will not be displayed for you again.

If you wish to leave things as is so you're able to revisit the news again (as a reminder), simply navigate to any other page or section of your WordPress dashboard. In this way, you will be able to check all news again (until a news expires), by simply navigating to the OceanWP > Notifications section in the admin bar area.

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