Ocean eComm Treasure Box Changelog

Ocean eComm Treasure Box Changelog

= 1.4.1 - MAY 22 2024 =

  • Added: Pixel Tracker: LinkedIn events.
  • Added: Pixel Tracker: Pinterest events.
  • Added: Pixel Tracker: Google Consent option. Effectively enable customers to allow / deny Google events tracking.
  • Added: Custom Templates: My Account: Check if default WooCommerce My Account endpoints have been altered by users for correct functionality.
  • Added: Custom Templates: My Account: Account widget for Elementor: new widget for the main My Account custom template page.
  • Added: Waitlist: Notification Check Interval options.
  • Added: Waitlist: Special integration with Product Swatches and Out Of Stock product variations. Display tooltips for unavailable products and enable customers to add a desired product variation to their waitlist.
  • Added: Product Swatches: Disable Out Of Stock product variations.
  • Added: Checkout Fields Manager: Load custom checkout fields in My Account > Addresses: Edit.
  • Improved: User Experience: Added quick links for documentation on: Checkout Fields Manager, Product Tabs Manager, Product Swatches, Product Purchase Notifier, Coupon Manager and other options.
  • Improved: User Experience: Display Elementor widgets in the eCommerce main panel in 2 columns for a better overview and quicker navigation.
  • Improved: User Experience: Pixel Tracker: Added toggle to main tracking events for better overview and simplifed usage.
  • Fixed: Custom Templates: Cart Template: Table widget duplicate content when modals (Ocean Modal Window) present on website.
  • Fixed: Custom Templates: Checkout Template: Woo Checkout: Login Form widget: login form stuck on loading when incorrect details are entered.
  • Fixed: Custom Templates: Checkout Template: Woo Checkout: Coupon Form widget: button text option doesn't function.
  • Fixed: Custom Templates: Checkout Template: Woo Checkout: Order Review widget: product table styling changes on data update when display product image option is enabled.
  • Fixed: Custom Templates: My Account > Addresses: Edit: Values not displayed when Checkout Fields Manager is used for addresses.
  • Fixed: Compatibility: PHP 8.2+: Warning: PHP Deprecated: Using ${var} in strings is deprecated, use {$var} instead in ...\modules\pixel-tracker\trackers\tracker-general-tiktok-pixel.php on line 63
  • Fixed: Compatibility: Custom Templates: Thank You page widget compatibility with the latest versions of WooCommerce.

= 1.4.0 - APR 03 2024 =

  • NEW: Waitlist (Waiting List) with auto-email functionality.
  • NEW: Pixel Tracker.
  • NEW: Coupon Manager: Available Discounts.
  • NEW: Coupon Manager: Auto-Apply Discounts.
  • NEW: Badges Manager: Image type badges with ready-to-use libraries.
  • Added: Popup Builder: Page exit intent trigger.
  • Added: Popup Builder: Exclude pages option when displaying popup on entire website.
  • Added: Popup Builder: Simple Popup: Typography options.
  • Added: Purchase Notifier: Visual customizer.
  • Fixed: Tabs Manager: Some custom tabs not displaying in available tabs dropdown.

= 1.3.0 - DEC 11 2023 =

  • NEW: Customizer: Single Product: Special Deal option.
  • NEW: Customizer: Single Product: Custom Stock Notice option.
  • NEW: Customizer: Single Product: Suggest Price option.
  • NEW: Popup Builder.
  • NEW: Custom Templates Builder: Ability to apply custom templates for product categories and subcategories.
  • Added: Compatibility: HPOS support.
  • Fixed: Custom Cart and Checkout templates not applying on WooCommerce 8.3.+ versions.

= 1.2.2 - NOV 14 2023 =

  • NEW: Elementor: Single Product Builder: Product Navigation widget.
  • Added: Product Purchase Notifier: Option to hide Last Name when displaying real orders.
  • Added: Product Purchase Notifier: Option to set time between notifications.
  • Added: Coupon Manager: Options to hide coupon fields individually on Cart and Checkout pages.
  • Added: Elementor: Single Product Builder: Suggest Price widget: Option to display the field on selected products and product categories only.
  • Added: Elementor: Single Product Builder: Suggest Price widget: Option to include a checkbox with custom text before the Submit button.
  • Updated: Elementor: Widget Colors: Changed from blue to Woo purple for improved UX.
  • Updated: Compatibility: WooCommerce: Template version numbers.
  • Updated: Compatibility: WPML: Translate custom page templates.

= 1.2.1 - OCT 02 2023 =

  • Added: Product Badges Manager: Start Date feature.
  • Added: Widgets: AJAX Search: Filter for excluding products from search results.
  • Added: Translations: Portuguese language (Brazilian).
  • Fixed: Notifications display when Elementor is disabled.
  • Fixed: Dashboard: Sticky headings background in dark mode.
  • Fixed: Dashboard: Display on 13-inch laptop screens.
  • Fixed: Widgets: Only 1 Left In Stock: Incorrect display conditions.
  • Fixed: Widgets: Newsletter Form (MailChimp): Subscribing returns an error.
  • Fixed: Product Purchase Notifier: Notification box shadow display when Manual type selected.

= 1.2.0 - SEP 06 2023 =

= 1.1.1 - JUL 05 2023 =

  • Updated: Woo templates version number to avoid false positive notifications about outdated templates.
  • Added: Elementor Builder: Cart: Update Cart button styling.
  • Added: Elementor Builder: Archive: Out Of Stock badge styling.
  • Added: Elementor Builder: Checkout: Order Review: Tax color.
  • Added: Advanced Heading: Responsive margin option.
  • Added: Newsletter Form: Responsive button option.
  • Added: Woo Products: Responsive columns number option.
  • Fixed: Ajax Product Search: Search doesn't function.
  • Fixed: Advanced Heading: Responsive size alignment.
  • Fixed: Pricing Table: Features section typography.

= 1.1.0 - MAY 31 2023 =

  • NEW: Tabs Manager.
  • NEW: Product Swatches: Customizer styling.
  • NEW: Images & Icons Import.
  • NEW: Pages, Sections and Special Templates Import.
  • NEW: Widget for Elementor: Product Reviews Slider.
  • NEW: Widget for Elementor: Suggest Price.
  • NEW: Widget for Elementor: Special Deal Notices.
  • NEW: Widget for Elementor: Only %% Left In Stock.
  • NEW: Wishlist.
  • Added: Product Swatches: More styling options for the Add to Cart widget.
  • Added: Product Short Description widget: Sticky option.

= 1.0.0 - JAN 18 2023 =

  • Initial release.
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