How To Use Special Deal Notices Option

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The Special Deal Notices feature is available as of Ocean eComm Treasure Box 1.1.0 version. Currently, the Special Deal Notices option only supports custom templates (Elementor).

The Special Deal Notices option enables you to display, well - a special notice - to your customers. Extremely useful if you have special deals for specific products (for example, free gifts or free shipping) or you created a new product category for items on a special sale so you can display a special message the item is on sale and what benefits come with it.

Special Deal Notice: How It Works

If you used the Special Deal Notice on your single product, on every single product page of your eCommerce website your customers will see a message depending on your settings. For example: Buy 2 items of this product and get free shipping.

Setting up the Special Deal Notice option is really straightforward.

Special Deal Notice Widget: Single Product Template

The Special Deal Notice option should only be used inside the Single Product template, and of course, 1 time only.

The widget name for Elementor is called Woo Product: Special Deal Notice.

The Special Deal Notice allows you to choose the content source:

  1. Editor (what you write in the Elementor widget itself), one and the same content will be displayed on all products based on your further settings; and
  2. Product Meta: each of your products can display a different message which is added through the single product edit page, from the Product Data settings, Special Deal Notices section. The text preview in this case is not available inside the Elementor editor since it's dynamic. That being said, only products that have any data in them will display the text. Other products will display nothing.

Special Deal Notices using the Editor content source to display the same content for all selected products.
Special Deal Notices using the Product Meta content source to display different content for selected products.
Adding single product Meta Data for the Special Deal Notice through the Product Data settings.
A single product displaying its Product Meta using the Special Deal Notice. Products with no added data will display nothing.

Special Deal Notice Widget: Customization

The Special Deal Notice widget enables you to customize the text, but also choose product category(ies) where the notice will be displayed, if the Editor is set as the content source.

This means that the content from the editor will be displayed on products that belong into selected product categories, while other products will display nothing.

You can use this option if you created a brand new product category for a special deal and you want to outline the terms of that special deal to your customers in a quick way.

Special Deal Notice Widget: Styling

You can style your Special Deal Notice widget further, directly from the Style tab:

  • Alignment: text alignment;
  • Text Color;
  • Typography;
  • Background Type: style the background of our widget;
  • Border Type: display a border around our widget;
  • Border Radius: if we set to display a border, we can choose to round the corners;
  • Margin;
  • Padding.

That's it!

Enjoy building your custom eCommerce website with OceanWP and Ocean eComm Treasure Box!

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