Online Store Policy

This Online Store Policy describes what type of Software and Services we offer, as well as how licenses, plans and purchases function.

We offer you the option to purchase subscription or lifetime Services for updates and customer support for our Software (Ocean PRO Extensions, be it individually or as the Ocean Core Extensions Bundle).

What type of Software licences do you offer?

OceanWP offers both annual and lifetime Software license plans.

Lifetime license plans are available only for the Bundle plans.

What is the difference between Software plans?

The difference between the Personal, Business and the Agency plan is the number of websites you can install our Software - Ocean PRO extensions - on.

Online Store Policy Overview

How do annual licenses function?

Upon purchase, an automatic license renewal is set with the Payment Platform (PayPal or Stripe) you've used to complete the purchase.

Licenses are valid for 12 months from the moment of purchase.

License expiration period starts from the moment of purchase and is unrelated to the license activation on the website itself.

What are subscriptions (auto-renewals) about?

License renewals ensure our Software - Ocean PRO extensions - updates (when available), as well as the access to the customer support ticketing/email Services.

How do I know if the subscription (auto-renewal) is activated on my license?

Upon purchase and along with your invoice, you will receive all information about your future payment: date, time and plan type (annual). This information is not in fine print.

IMPORTANT: For annual licenses, subscriptions (auto-renewals) are set immediately upon purchase and all information is delivered to you.

How do I know when my license will auto-renew?

Automatic Payment / Subscription Details are presented to you upon purchase, along with the date and time of the automatic renewal payment. See the example below.

We also send courtesy email reminders 30 days prior to the actual event. Below is the example of such email notice:

Important: Taking care of your assets is your responsibility.

We are not under any obligation to send any type of reminders, therefore not receiving or ignoring these reminders will not be considered as a valid ground for a refund request on Service renewal payments. For more information, please see our Refund Policy.

Please set a phone or a calendar reminder for 15 days before your license expiration date. This will enable you with enough time to take action in case you do not wish to renew the license.

Who performs auto-renewal charges?

The Payment Platform (PayPal or Stripe) you've used for the initial purchase performs auto-renewal charges on our behalf.

Can I cancel my subscription (auto-renewal)?

If you are positive you do not wish your license to renew, you can cancel the subscription (auto-renewal) from your account or reach us to do it for you.

Important: Do not cancel the subscription for at least 10 days from the moment of purchase, otherwise your entire purchase and license could  be cancelled as well.

You can cancel your subscription following the steps from this document.

What does not cancel the subscription (auto-renewal)?

  • not having a website anymore,
  • not using WordPress anymore,
  • not having a hosting provider anymore,
  • not using the license,
  • not using our Software,
  • not receiving or not reading our reminder emails.

What does cancel the subscription (auto-renewal)?

What happens to my website or extensions if my license expires?

If your license for the Ocean PRO extensions expires because you did not renew the license or you have cancelled the subscription, the following happens:

- your website and all pro extensions will continue to function as is.

- upon license expiration you will stop receiving updates for Ocean PRO extensions only.

- OceanWP theme and all Ocean FREE extensions will continue receiving updates when available - forever.

How do lifetime license plans function?

Lifetime license plans are a one-time payment and absolutely no subscriptions are set.

Lifetime licenses do not have an expiration date.

What does "repays for itself in 4 years" mean?

This means that after 4 years of using a lifetime license you start saving funds, compared to the funds you would have paid had you opted in for the annual license instead.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 14-days no-questions-asked Refund Policy for new Software purchases alone.

For more information on refunds requests and their processing, please read the Refund Policy.


Prices on our website are displayed in the USD currency format only.

Displayed prices DO NOT include additional fees, such as VAT/TAX.

Additional Fees / Taxes

VAT/TAX amount depends and varies from country to country. VAT/TAX will still be applied to your purchase if your country's financial policy demands so, even if you do not have a VAT/TAX number.

You are responsible for reporting and paying taxes in connection with the Services, along with any related penalties or interest, as applicable to your purchase or country of purchase.

On the checkout, you will be presented with the full Service Pricing + VAT/TAX fees (if such applicable) even before you complete the purchase.

Additional fees may include transfer or currency exchange fees from PayPal or your bank.


When you first purchase, a customer account will be created created for you. In the purchase confirmation email you will receive a link to your customer dashboard, including a temporary password.

You must log in and change the password immediately. If you do not do this within the first 24h from the moment of purchase, you can request a password reset link later on.

Learn everything about the Customer Accounts functionality by checking out our document.


In order to complete a purchase, navigate to our Bundle plans offer page.

Choose a plan you would like to purchase.
Enter your billing information.
Review your order.
Complete the purchase and wait for the purchase confirmation email.

Purchase Confirmation Emails

Once you complete the purchase, you will receive a purchase confirmation email containing relevant information about your plan ID, customer ID, license key, login details, subscription details, etc. You will also receive an invoice.

See the example of the purchase confirmation email below.

It can take up to an hour for you to receive a purchase confirmation email.

If you did not receive an email within an hour, check your spam folder and make sure to whitelist or add to contacts all our emails in order to avoid future issues.

If the purchase emails are not within your spam folder, you might have made a typo while completing the purchase or you are experiencing email issues. These issues are usually related to incorrect inbox MX Records settings. In that case, reach us so that we can check everything out for you and eventually change your account email address.

Purchase Issues

Incorrect ZIP / Postal Code

If you are using a card to complete the purchase, the most common purchase issue you may encounter is the Incorrect ZIP / Postal Code.

This means that you are entering a ZIP / Postal Code that does not match the ZIP / Postal Code that Stripe received from your bank. In order to obtain the correct ZIP / Postal Code, check a statement related to the card you are trying to use for the purchase and use the same information as within the statement. For more information, kindly reach out to the bank that issued the card for you.

Failed Purchase

If you are trying to complete the purchase using a card and being unsuccessful, meaning you do not get charged and you do not see any error messages, this usually means that you have to authorize your card for the purchase. 

Some banks send purchase authorization SMS messages, some require authorization by phone. It all depends on the bank that issued the card for you.

In order to resolve the problem, kindly reach out to the bank that issued the card for you.

Cancelled Purchases and Subscriptions

Cancelled purchases and subscriptions can occur if you are using PayPal as the payment option.

There are two types of problems that can occur:

1. Your purchase was cancelled within 24h and the funds transferred back to your PayPal account. 

This means that either you have cancelled the subscription directly on PayPal or PayPal has cancelled your payment.

If this happens, kindly complete the purchase again.

2. Your subscription and license were cancelled within 24h, but you were charged and the funds were not transferred back to your PayPal account.

This happens if PayPal fails to provide the automated hook associated with your payment.

If this happens, kindly reach us with the PayPal transaction ID so that we can contact PayPal on your behalf and resolve the problem as soon as possible for you.


During active promotions, discounts are applied automatically only on our main Bundle plans page.

If you would like to use the promotion to renew or upgrade your license, but you would like to do it either from your WordPress website or your customer account, you need to enter the promo code manually.

Once a promotion expires, the promo codes will stop functioning. In the same manner, discounts will not be automatically applied on our checkout page.

In some cases we may not be able to correct pricing or promotional content on our website the same moment the promotion expires. This means that you might see a discounted price on our website, while the checkout will display a different price. Checkout prices are the valid current prices.

If you do not agree with the checkout price or have any questions about it, do not complete the purchase. Instead, you can reach us and we would be happy to clarify all your questions and doubts you may have.

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