eComm Treasure Box Dashboard: Modules

Welcome to your Ocean eComm Treasure Box dashboard!

The Modules tab of the Ocean eComm Treasure Box dashboard includes options for the following features:

  • Checkout Fields Manager,
  • Product Tabs Manager (available as of v 1.1.0),
  • Product Swatches.
  • Product Swatches Archive (display swatches on Shop and product archive pages, available as of 1.1.0), and
  • Swatches Customizer Styling (enable swatches styling in the Customizer for default OceanWP shop templates - not custom templates (available as of v 1.1.0).

Add New Template Shortcut

The Modules tab of the Ocean eComm Treasure Box dashboard also contains the Add New Template shortcut, located in the right sidebar area.

If you click the Add New Template button, you will be redirected to the Template Builder.

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