OceanWP Theme and Ocean Extensions Changelogs

Here you can find all the changelogs for the OceanWP theme and Ocean extensions.

OceanWP Theme Changelog

OceanWP theme Changelog

Ocean Free Extensions Changelogs

Ocean Custom Sidebar

Ocean Demo Import - Deprecated, all Ocean Free Demos available through Ocean Extra plugin.

Ocean Extra

Ocean Modal Window

Ocean Posts Slider

Ocean Product Sharing

Ocean Social Sharing

Ocean Stick Anything

Ocean Pro Extensions Changelogs

Ocean Cookie Notice

Ocean Elementor Widgets

Ocean Footer Callout

Ocean Full Screen

Ocean Gutenberg Blocks

Ocean Hooks

Ocean Instagram

Ocean Popup Login

Ocean Portfolio

Ocean Pro Demos

Ocean Side Panel

Ocean Sticky Header

Ocean Sticky Footer

Ocean White Label

Ocean Woo Popup

Ocean eCommerce

Ocean eComm Treasure Box

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