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  • Add a New Footer Widgets Column

    /** * Add your own footer widgets columns * Add a number between 1 to 7 */ function my_footer_widgets_columns() { // Add your column number $columns = '5'; // Return return $columns; } add_filter( 'oc

  • I fill the Form but Nothing Happens

    For this extension, you need to use a PHP 7+ version. Otherwise, your changes will not be saved. To change the PHP version you are currently using, please contact your hosting provider and ask for a

  • How to Import a Pro Demo

    By purchasing the Core Extensions Bundle, you benefit all the pro demos. To import a pro demo, log in to your account on and download the Ocean Pro Demos extension, then follow this video

  • How to build advanced websites based on custom post types with Toolset and OceanWP?

    Toolset allows you to create custom post types, and design content templates. OceanWP theme is now custom types ready, meaning that you can control theme settings for each template, individually. In t