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  • [oceanwp_current_user] Shortcode

    This shortcode allows you to display the current user info where you want: [oceanwp_current_user] Here is a list of the different parameters: text: If you want to add a custom text, defa

  • Increasing Memory Limit To PHP

    Some servers (shared hosting plans usually) have a very low limit to PHP by default which can cause a blank screen (white screen of death) or an error on your site. Luckily increasing the memory limit

  • Installing Recommended Plugin

    Once you have installed and activated OceanWP you will be prompted to install the recommended plugin. Just click on the link Begin installing plugin. Next, check the box to select the plugin, s

  • WPML and a Child Theme

    To translate custom parts of the theme is a little different if you use a child theme, follow these steps: 1 Go to WPML > String Translation. 2

  • Add the RTL style to the Child Theme

    /** * Load the parent rtl.css file */ function oceanwp_child_enqueue_rtl_style() { // Dynamically get version number of the parent stylesheet $theme = wp_get_theme( 'OceanWP' ); $version = $the