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  • Get Instagram Access Token

    With the Instagram Feed widget (a part of the Ocean Elementor Widgets premium extension), you need to generate an access token in order to display your photos. It is assumed you already have a

  • Refund Policy

    OceanWP Refund Policy We firmly believe in and stand behind our products 100%. We offer you the option to purchase subscription or lifetime Services for updates and customer support for our Software

  • Online Store Policy

    This Online Store Policy describes what type of Software and Services we offer, as well as how licenses, plans and purchases function. We offer you the option to purchase subscription or lifetime

  • How To Create a Custom Header

    Since version 1.1.1 of OceanWP, you can create your own header with your favorite page builder, for this, watch the video or follow the few steps below: 1. Create a New Template Go to WordPress dashbo

  • Edit the Portfolio Slugs

    You can add your own portfolio and portfolio taxonomy (category, tag) slugs in two simple steps: 1 Go to Portfolio > General section of the customizer and add your own slug in the appropriate fields.

  • My Icons Are Missing or Showing up as Squares

    *These instructions can only be applied to the OceanWP theme version 1.7.0 and lower, and Ocean Extra plugin version 1.5.16 and lower. If you are using the OceanWP theme version 1.7.1 or above, and

  • Edit The Portfolio Templates

    All the options to customize the portfolio archives, taxonomy and single item are in the customizer but if you want to add specific things, you'll need to do it manually. All the templates into the

  • About Me Widget - Uploaded Image Not Applied

    If you have uploaded an image to the About Me widget (Appearance > Widgets) and the image is not displayed on the front end, make sure to copy your image attachment URL and paste into the widget's

  • Known Bugs & Issues

    In this document we'll cover known bugs or user experience issues related to specific updates, as well as the current status (example: fixed or pending update) or the solution for it. OceanWP theme

  • How To Activate Ocean Pro Extensions

    In order to activate Ocean Pro Extensions, you need to: 1 Install and activate OceanWP theme via Appearance > Themes > Add New. 2 Install and activate the Ocean Extra plugin via Plugins > Add New. 3

  • Enable/Disable Customizer Sections

    The WordPress customizer is awesome but it can also be a bit slow when you have tons of options. For this reason, a panel where you can quickly and easily enable/disable different sections is availabl

  • [oceanwp_date] Shortcode

    This shortcode allows you to add a dynamic date (a date that changes automatically). The shortcode is useful for the Footer Copyright section: [oceanwp_date] This shortcode will display the current

  • 404 Error with the Portfolio Pagination

    If you have a 404 error when trying to go to the next page in your portfolio, this is a slug conflict between your page and your portfolio items. To fix this problem, rename the slug of your page or t

  • My Images Are Not Displayed on Endless Scroll

    If you are experiencing issues with image load when using the endless scroll instead of pagination, for example only image containers are displayed, the problem might be due to the Image Lazy Load

  • Customize Your Layout Widths

    You can easily tweak the widths of your site (main/content/sidebar). All you need to do is go to Appearance > Customize > General Options > General Settings to tweak your layouts and view the changes

  • My Icons Are Missing After Font Awesome 5 Upgrade

    If you are using the OceanWP theme version 1.7.1 or above, and the Ocean Extra plugin version 1.5.17 or above and you are experiencing issues with your icons (for example, your icons are missing or

  • Add Custom CSS and JS to Your Website

    You can add your custom CSS codes (snippets) easily via the Customizer. In order to do this, go to Apparance > Customize > Custom CSS/JS and enter your code into the text area. Add Custom JavaScript

  • Add a Dynamic Date in the Footer Bottom

    Since Ocean Extra plugin 1.1.8 version, you can easily add a dynamic date in the footer bottom for your copyright. What is a dynamic date? A dynamic date is a date that changes automatically every

  • Import the Parent Theme's Customizer Settings into your Child Theme

    If you have edited the settings in the customizer with OceanWP and you want to use a child theme, you will lose all your changes because WordPress see your child theme as a new theme. Follow these sim

  • How to Add an SVG Logo

    If you would like to add an SVG logo to your header, follow these simple step: 1 Install the SVG Support plugin to support this format, because by default, WordPress does not support SVG images. 2 Go

  • Sample Child Theme

    If you are planning to make advanced changes to the OceanWP theme (mainly the functions.php file), the best way to do that is via a child theme. Luckily, we have already prepared a nice sample

  • Logo or Other Images Not Visible on Mobile Devices

    When a logo or other images are not visible on mobile devices, this means those images have been loaded using the http:// URL protocol, instead of the https:// Images loaded using http:// URL are

  • License Renewal

    Except for the lifetime subscriptions, annual Ocean Extensions and the Core Extensions Bundle are licensed for one year at a time. After that, you may renew your active license. What happens if a